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Six Word Saturdays

January 30, 2010

Last Frost Date — Gardeners Holding Collective Breath

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Can you hear me now?

January 30, 2010

Like all parents who have kids that have medical or learning issues – I’m willing to travel many paths and read alot of  stuff to try and be the best advocate I can.  Sometimes its boring and sometimes it is so enlightening I want to scream it from a rooftop in case someone else might benefit.

I took my eldest to be tested for further therapy for his Auditory Processing issues.  Wow!  While I knew he had (has) issues I didn’t realize to what a dramatic extent this affected his daily life.

He’s a bright boy – very bright.  Imagine what he could accomplish if he didn’t have all this noise in his head?

Okay, here’s the deal.  I ran this analogy by the therapist to make sure that I understood it correctly…

Imagine that your left and right eyes worked independently from each other.  Your left eye could see everything from center out to your left periphery and likewise your right eye, but to the right only.  Think about how hard it would be to navigate your day trying to focus each eye on the thing you were actually trying to look at – with each eye giving you different information.  Arghhhhh!

My darling boy is listening/hearing so much of everything around him, that he has to concentrate that much harder to exclude the unnecessary stuff while also trying to actually pay attention to what he’s trying to hear.

We start therapy soon and his therapist and I have high hopes for what this will mean for him.

I’ve learned so much from Janelle about how much our hearing  effects how we learn, what we learn and more importantly — what we are able to remember.

Question:  When you read a book — does it unfold in your mind’s eye like a movie or not?  Let me know your answer!  I’m curious how many people see their books.

Six Word Saturday

January 10, 2010

Official Winter…. 20 Days….Where’s Spring?

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Hello Blog World

January 2, 2010

Okay, this is the second attempt at writing a blog.  I’m concerned about consistency.  I’ve never been good about keeping a diary – it always seemed to be such a waste of ink to write mundane nonsense about daily life – at least my daily life.  Now, however, with 3 growing boys and so much going on in our lives, it seems right to get it down before I forget.  The boys ask questions about what they’ve done in days past.

All at once, documenting our journey has taken on more importance for me.  I find that I regularly take time to read the blogs of other wives and mothers that I find encouraging – generally  late at night when there is no one who would really appreciate my phone call to just chat.

I guess I’m hoping to pay it forward to anyone who might come across my words and find them an encouragement.  There are quite a number of you blogging women who have lifted me up in the wee hours when I felt as if there was no one else who “got it”.

We’ll see how this develops.